March 16, 2018

Amazon: Longer Tees

I get asked all the time for longer tee options so I decided to order a couple from Amazon and test them out! First off, I ordered both of these in a size small and they are too tight for me. I suggest sizing up a full size unless you like them very fitted. Second, I love the material in these shirts. It's a little bit stretchy and very soft. Third, the black v-neck isn't quite as long as the blue crewneck. Go for the crew if you want something extra long. Finally, these both start at only $7 and the price varies by color and size. Many also ship for free with Prime - score! (commissioned links) P.S. I'm 5'4" with a long torso and very short legs.
V-neck tee ---->
Crewneck tee ---->
Jeans ---->

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