March 27, 2017

Spend or Save: Handbags!

Chloe $1,390 | Lacattura $50 also in black or tan

Chloe $1,390 | Lacattura $50 also in black or tan - I have this bag and LOVE it! See it here, here, and here.

So many of you liked my spend or save post for booties, so I decided to do one for handbags too! After chatting with a few of you on Facebook, I realize that many of the favorite high-end brands are Chloe, Chanel, YSL, etc. I have to say that I completely love these brands too, but...if these prices don't quite fit in your budget, here are a few more options - for less!

Chloe $2,150 | Micom $28

Furla $328 | Actlure $49

Saint Laurent $2,345 | Topshop $48 | INC $46

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