June 20, 2016

How to Search, Sell, and Swap Your Clothes

There are plenty of things you'll want to spend your money on this summer. For most of us, it's a constant struggle between spending our hard-earned money on the summer vacation of our dreams or the summer dresses of our dreams.

But this year, with the right precautions, you can have both. You just have to keep your fashion budget under control until your check-in date.

Take a look at a few ways to keep your closet costs in check this season.

Know How to Search

Just because you're sticking to a budget, doesn't mean you have to miss out on the trends. If you browse through this collection of dresses, you can use the category selection to break down an exact style that you're looking for, or search with a hashtag + your specific style, such as #boho or #classic. From there, you can set the parameters for your specific price range. You'll still find the trendy pieces your looking for, and at the same time avoid anything too extravagant.

It's kind of like not keeping sweets in the house because you know you'll eat them. If you don't see the dresses that are outside of your budget, you won't be tempted to purchase something you can't afford.

Sell Your Clothes

We all have clothes in our closet we keep because "eventually" we'll fit into them, or "eventually" we'll have the perfect place/opportunity to wear them. But ladies, why are you letting clothes you don't wear take up precious real estate in your closet? Get rid of those things and sell them to someone who will actually wear them! Donating is always a great option for clothes that are a little more worn, but if you have clothes that are still in good or like-new condition, they could fetch a decent chunk of change. This guide to selling your clothes offers different modes for selling them online, as well as ways you can take advantage of local brick-and-mortar stores.

It's a win-win. You get some more room in your closet for new clothes, as well as a little boost in your shopping budget.

Host a Swap Party

If getting used clothes from strangers makes you cringe a little, get them from your friends instead. Like you, your friends probably have clothes in their closet taking up real estate. But just because they weren't perfect for them, doesn't mean they aren't perfect for you.

A clothes swap party is a fun way to trade clothes with your friends, add some new pieces to your wardrobe, and unload a few styles of your own. You can ask that everyone only bring specific pieces (like summer dresses) or leave it open to any and all pieces/accessories. Break out the wine and have fun raiding one another's stashes.

You don't have to spend a lot of money to have a fashionable summer. This year, get your favorite dresses for less, and put that money towards the vacation you deserve!

***This is a guest editorial written by Jessica Richmond. I am so happy to share because I believe these are great ideas and really work with the theme of www.wearitforless.com.***


  1. Wow, never would have even guessed the right answer. It was my last pick. ;) So many cute dresses that you linked to!!

  2. Great post with excellent tips! I need to check out the link for selling clothes online, for sure.


    1. I have used Poshmark for a couple years now and it's really great. One of the other suggestions is ThredUP, I might need to try that next!